Jennifer Lusk
Actor, Writer, Singer.

Jennifer wrote her first short story, "A Space Kruft", at age four.
Throughout her schooling she always showed a flair short stories that captured the interest of the reader.

Short Stories and Articles

  • Key Encounters:

    An Anthology of South Australian Creative Writing Edited by Lise Mackie. Jennifer has four pieces included in this anthology; "Safe-Haven", "Dusk", "Soul Searching" and "Twenty Minutes"
  • Party Walls:

    An anthology from the Wirra Wirra Vineyards Short Story Competition 2003 for South Australian Writers. Jennifer won the Youth Category award with her story "Last Bus To Anywhere or Death Wears A Yellow Tie". She had two other stories make it to the final ten in the same category; "Static Heat" and "Hush Little Baby". These are also included in the anthology.
  • Communications Law Bulletin:

    Her article, "A Very Expensive Lobster", appeared in the October 2007 edition of this publication of the Communications & Media Law Association.
  • Ticonderoga Online

    Written in 2006 and published in 2008, "Rhyme & Reason: A study of Independent Publishers in Australian SF".


  • Photographing The Dead:

    Presented by Binka Boo Productions at the 2012 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. This piece was adapted from one of Jennifer's short stories by the same name.
  • Fitting Rooms:

    Presented by Binka Boo Productions at the 2006 Adelaide and Melbourne Fringe Festivals
  • Wedlocked:

    This short play was performed as a wild-card selection for the 2007 Sydney Short and Sweet Festival
  • The Game:

    This short play was performed as part of Defector Art Theatre’s Box-a-Shorts in the 2006 Melbourne Fringe Festival