Binka Boo Productions
Founded by Jennifer Lusk

Marks & Noble

We are going to let you in on a little secret… There was a revolution in shopping in Adelaide & Melbourne. On February 25th 2006, Marks & Noble first opened its doors, offering its Retail Experience Partners a new synergy of safety and comfort. We believe that from the moment you enter our store you should completely forget that the outside world exists. In fact, we guarantee you will never want to leave…

Apologies to shopping addicts but Marks & Noble is nothing more than a figment of award-winning writer Jennifer Lusk’s imagination, and the setting of her debut play, Fitting Rooms.

The play explores some of our most deeply held fears and the nature of identity. A far cry from the topics you would associate with female fitting rooms.

An entirely South Australian production, Fitting Rooms had its World Premiere at Adelaide Fringe 2006 followed by a season at Melbourne Fringe 2006.